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G150_012.jpgHuluhammars Bruk is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality butterfly valves. Valves manufactured for regulating amongst other things, powder, gas, dust, silt, liquids, ash and for ventilation purposes.
Standard valves are manufactured in sizes from Ø 100 mm to Ø 500 mm and they withstand the strains from both climate and chemicals.

Huluhammars valves have been manufactured since the year 1955, and there are examples of valves installed at that time still in use.

Valves can be maneuvered by hand in standard production, but are often provided with various actuators, for example pneumatic valves, air cylinders and in certain cases with electrically driven worm gears.

The advantage with Huluhammars valves is that all the components are interchangeable and Huluhammars Bruk have a complete store of spare-parts for quick delivery when required. Another advantage is that the valves have a relatively low weight thanks to design and choice of material.

In the mechanical workshop which is situated in the naturally beautiful town of Taberg, valves are manufactured in a complete machine park. The workshop also produces various subcontract work.

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